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Effective Yet Affordable DIY SEO Tools for Small Businesses & Startups

Running a small business?
NOT a seasoned marketer?
No time to learn SEO?
Add your site Get simple DIY SEO tools + SEO tasks generated for your site regularly

Spend 30-40 minutes per day and see real results:

WebCEO screenshot add your site to the DIY SEO tools

1. Add your site, select target location and keywords

WebCEO screenshot get your DIY SEO roadmap

2. WebCEO will create an SEO roadmap for your site

WebCEO screenshot follow DIY SEO tasks

3. Easy-to-follow SEO tasks will pop up in your account, giving you advice and the tools to succeed

Grade your site NOW
and drive organic traffic to your site
[ No credit card required to see the report ]

In a matter of minutes, you'll get your SEO report to help you boost organic traffic to your site:

Your site SEO score, which can be the starting point of your website promotion
The traffic share you are currently getting from Google and other search engines
Your search engine rankings: top keywords and ranking distribution
Your most dangerous competitors: their traffic score and the keyword positions they steal from you
Critical SEO issues on your site that might scare search engines away
Mobile optimization issues: a critical ranking factor in the era of Google mobile-first indexing
Backlink profile quality: linking domains and toxic links that might hurt your rankings
Social engagement overview: popularity of your business and your competitors on social media

How These DIY SEO Tools Can Help You

Do SEO yourself easily, without deep knowledge and experience:

  • pick the right KEYWORDS
  • tune your PAGES for better rankings
  • track your search engine RANKINGS
  • run regular SEO AUDITS
  • get SEO ADVICE on how to fix the issues
  • build high-quality BACKLINKS
  • remove TOXIC backlinks
  • spy on your COMPETITORS
  • optimize your site for LOCAL searches
  • track your SOCIAL performance
  • track your visitor TRAFFIC

Stay updated with the weekly digest that will come directly to your inbox

Every week, we will send you an aggregated SEO report on your site. You’ll also get a link to SEO opportunities recommended for each step of your website promotion.

Performance metrics will include your search engine rankings, backlink stats, SEO issues, technical errors and so much more - all in a simple but comprehensive presentation.

Enjoy self-paced FREE SEO training integrated with the DIY SEO tools

Even if you are a beginner and have never promoted a website before - you'll be able to do it with WebCEO.

Just add your site, and voila - WebCEO will suggest easy-to-follow SEO tasks on a regular basis and provide detailed SEO tips and advice for each critical task.

Save thousands of $$$$ monthly, which you would have paid to SEO Agencies

Most SEO Agencies charge their clients from $1,000 to $7,500 per project monthly, and maybe more.

With WebCEO's DIY SEO tools, you can easily save this money by doing cost-effective SEO yourself, so you can invest the saved dollars back into your business.

960+ businesses already rely on WebCEO. Be the next one to grow with us!
Grade your site NOW
and jump start your SEO campaign

Have a Brick-and-Mortar Business? Do Local SEO to Reach More Buyers

When people search for something on Google they now see results tailored to their location. To help your potential buyers find your site (not your competitors'!), it is now critical to do local SEO.

With our DIY SEO tools, you will get extra tools and reports for local SEO:

  • Find the best local keywords used by your potential buyers;
  • Submit your site to local business listings and Google Maps;
  • See how your website is ranked by Google in YOUR location;
  • Get aggregated historical stats on your Google Business Profile listing;
  • Learn who your local competitors are, and overcome them.

Look How the WebCEO SEO Tools Help Small Businesses Grow:


What are DIY SEO Tools?

These are the tools that help you (website owners) to do SEO (search engine optimization) yourself, without hiring a digital agency. In other words, these SEO tools will help you gain free organic traffic from the search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube, DuckDuckGo and others - without taking much of your time.

What are the must-have DIY SEO tools which I should look for?

To do SEO yourself, you literally won’t be able to work without the following tools:

  1. A keyword tool. It will help you find the most profitable and optimal keywords which will bring you visitor traffic. Without a keyword tool, you can try to do guesswork. However only a good keyword tool will show you what search terms your potential buyers have already been using actively.
  2. A website audit tool. It will scan your site and pinpoint all SEO issues or technical problems which push search engines away from your site, or don’t let your site get ranked high.
  3. A Rank Tracking tool. It will monitor your site’s keyword rankings on the search engines. The higher the ranking - the more visitor traffic from search engines you will get. You may want to check rankings yourself in the area where you are at... but it might take you weeks to manually check your site positions for a handful of targeted keywords and you won’t be able to see your rankings in other places unless you travel to them yourself.
  4. A Backlink Checker. It will show you how many backlinks (websites referring to your site) you’ve earned and let you compare your backlink profile to the ones of your competitors. It will also help you see new backlink opportunities. It’s impossible to find backlinks to your site manually without a backlink tool. That’s why a backlink checker is also a must-have DIY SEO tool.

There are other helpful SEO tools out there on the market. However, these four tools are the must-have ones that you should have in your arsenal if you really want to do SEO efficiently.

How much time should I spend on SEO if I use DIY SEO tools?

It really depends on the SEO tools and the way they can actually help you. Some SEO tools only do reporting, without giving you any tips or instructions. Other tools are really helpful and provide you with SEO advice.

With WebCEO’s DIY SEO tools, you may expect to spend about 30-40 min a day to do SEO yourself, without investing your time and money in SEO courses, articles or webinars. Each SEO task generated by WebCEO will give you easy-to-follow instructions and direct you to the specific SEO tool that will help you automate or simplify a given task.

The time spent on everyday SEO routines may vary, depending on your niche. The niches that are easy to dominate will require less time and effort. If your niche is tough to compete in, it might take you more time to succeed. However, the time you put in will give you much more output in visitor traffic and sales.

Our Task Manager will give you average time estimates, based on the time spent by our users on their SEO tasks. We truly hope that WebCEO will help save the time you spend on SEO routines and achieve long-term results.