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WebCEO User Reviews

We Can't Speak Better of Ourselves
Than Our Customers Do:
Joel Gross
WebCEO has a very intuitive interface that lets you quickly access information on different campaigns and efforts. The suite was built specifically for professional SEO teams and has everything you need.

Before I used WebCEO, reporting to clients could be painful and time consuming. Now I can confidently build reports that are very accurate and thorough. We are seeing much better results for our client campaigns using WebCEO. Coalition Technologies loves using WebCEO!
Joel Gross, Owner of Coalition Technologies, SEO Expert Consultant
Deb Cinkus
The ability to customize the report content for each client project is excellent, and easy to use. One of my clients said that every other SEO professional has talked about SEO with "smoke and mirrors" and the reports we provide from WebCEO give clear, actionable data.

Another great feature is the Keyword basket, and the ability to tag keywords. This gives us good organization tools for each project when we are doing keyword analysis.
Deb Cinkus, CEO of Polished Geek
DJ Kennedy
Before WebCEO, reporting on keyword rankings was laborious, inaccurate and increasingly unreliable. We found that gathering this data ourselves wasn't going to scale as we expanded our client-base and subsequently the number of reports we needed. After working with WebCEO we have found our ranking reports to be much more accurate and reliable and we're absolutely thrilled with how their API integrates with our proprietary lead management tool AdLuge. WebCEO delivered more than we expected. We're now building the fourth version of AdLuge and we're really excited for WebCEO platform to be a part of our software from the start.
DJ Kennedy, CEO of TechWyse Internet Marketing and Founder of AdLuge
Doug Everitt, WebCEO client
I have been providing SEO services to clients since 2000. During this time, I’ve used a number of different tools. I moved to the WebCEO platform some years ago because it offers a number of very important additional features and tools which are essential for optimizing any website.

One of the key requirements for anybody undertaking SEO is to provide transparent and measurable results to clients and colleagues. WebCEO provides a comprehensive range of reporting tools which greatly enhance this process and as an agency we can customise and brand these reports as required.
Doug Everitt, Managing Director at WIDE i Communication
Lilach Galor
As an agency, the transition to WebCEO benefits us a lot in matters of working time and cost savings. We can analyze the situation of a website much faster than we did before and have much more information available. It also generate cost savings because instead of paying separately for each SEO tool, with WebCEO we have everything under the same roof with only one fee. And finally, very good reports to deliver to our customers. Congratulations.
Lilach Galor, CEO of SEO Simple
Sofía Díaz, WebCEO client
As a Search consultant, I am very happy with WebCEO. I have tried many tools before, but they did not fulfill all my needs. One of the reasons why I can recommend WebCEO is the fact that users are a part of the R+D of the tool. The WebCEO team takes your suggestions and opinions very seriously. They have discussed improvements I proposed and some were then implemented. Furthermore, if you find any kind of error in a report, they solve the problem very quickly.

Read Sofía's WebCEO review in Spanish on her blog.
Sofía Díaz, Search Marketer of
Mitch Menghi, WebCEO client
They are one of the few SaaS companies that actually listen to your needs and proactively add feature requests. I have personally asked about 5 requested and 3 of them have been implemented which has made me very happy.
Mitch Menghi, WordPress Developer/SEO of
Bernd Oldenbeuving
We use WebCEO in different ways for different customers. Some do the fine tuning themselves, others choose to have Oltech guide them through the SEO World. Both are provided with quality data, but on different levels. WebCEO has the power to provide reports for different levels of end users, making it a valuable tool for us and for our customers.

WebCEO gave us the tools to expand our business and increase customer satisfaction!
Bernd Oldenbeuving, Founder and CEO of Oltech Solutions
Miguel Goncalves
As E-goi is an email marketing software used by clients all over the world, finding ways to grow our search engine popularity in specific countries is paramount. WebCEO's keyword and reporting tools have proved essential to help us reach this goal.
Miguel Goncalves, CEO of
Larry Langdon
The SEO tools from WebCEO have played a vital part in increasing our company's web presence. We use the features on a daily basis, including rank tracking, keyword research and backlink building. The DIY SEO checklist lets us know exactly what we need to do. The suggestions are right on target.

With the help of the Competitor Backlink Spy, we were able to find precisely those websites that wanted to link to a business like ours. The Teamwork collaboration features made it easy for us to delegate tasks to each other for such specialized SEO work.

As a small business, I'll have to give WebCEO five stars and categorize it as must-have software for building a steady, almost permanent traffic flow to our website.
Larry Langdon, CEO of Sentient Light
Christopher Aylwin, WebCEO client
WebCEO is an indispensable tool we use regularly to gain insight, access information and unveil all sorts issues related to technical SEO and off-page SEO. It is regularly updated with great new features and makes using other SEO tools less and less appealing. It is truly a one stop for all that is SEO.

The support team is super quick to respond and go out of their way to make sure they’ve answered any and all of your questions, and then some!

Last point, it is really scalable, you can use it in a way that helps you manage your budget vis-à-vis your agency’s reality… you aren’t pegged into any set pricing.
WebCie loves WebCEO.
Christopher Aylwin, Owner of WebCie, Digital Marketing Agency
Coert Coomans
Amazing technical support for the API and white label solutions.
Coert Coomans, CEO at Protagonist BV
David Waring
WebCEO is the best SEO software for small businesses. When comparing them against 3 major competitors, they were the only one to provide easy to follow, step by step guidance for improving search engine rankings.
David Waring, Co-Founder of Fit Small Business
Colm Sharkley
I have used SEMrush and SE Ranking previously. However, each time I found the variety and reliability of WebCEO, combined with the competitive pricing, the best solution.
Colm Sharkey, Digital Marketing Director at Blue Shark Digital
Iván Larizgoitia
A very important aspect of WebCEO and Semrush is the tool for generating leads through free reports. Specifically this option in WebCEO I like more than Semrush because it is more configurable.

Without a doubt, what I like most about WebCEO is its White Label service , which is nothing more than creating a panel under a subdomain of your website or agency, where WebCEO is never quoted, that seems developed by you.
Iván Larizgoitia, Founder of SEO del Norte
Brian Jackson recovered from negative SEO attack with WebCEO - Case Study
Last week one of my sites got hacked and I suffered from a huge negative SEO attack. The hack itself was primarily my fault as I was running an out-of-date WordPress theme from 2008. The theme developer no longer supports it and I haven’t had the time to migrate the site to a new theme. The hacker managed to insert some PHP spamming “viagra” everywhere. They also managed to hack a network of other sites, 204 domains to be exact all with “viagra” terms in the anchor text against my domain (thousands of backlinks). Good thing I use WebCEO and am constantly checking my backlink profile, otherwise I would have never caught it.
Brian Jackson, Entrepreneur who loves SEO, SMM, WordPress & Growth Hacking
Bronson Harrington
The reports are awesome, the platform allows me to produce 2 types of reports.

- The summarized, detail free version of audits reports for management. This allows me to present only the information needed with minimal distraction;

- The full detailed version of audots for developers. This not only provides a clear list of issues and fixes, but the additional context about why fixing issues is important is something that developers appreciate.
Bronson Harrington, SEO Consultant, WordPress Webmaster, Developer
Glenn Blackman
Before using the WebCEO platform I had tried a few tools for scanning our website, to ensure that it was search engine friendly. Nothing was as comprehensive as WebCEO. Being able to trial the service for free allowed me to try it out and the decision to buy was a “no brainer”. Read more >
Glenn Blackman, a partner at FundInvoice LLP
Scott Neilson, WebCEO client
I used WebCEO about 7 years ago and I was impressed back then. I have to say after going through the trial period and submitting my pages for testing - I am majorly impressed how far WebCEO has come. Right now I'm achieving around 90 out of 100% for the pages I have reviewed. Love the software!
Scott Neilson, Managing Director at Natural Pet Group
Mike Tortorice, WebCEO client
With the multi-user functionality, being able to quickly glance at the SEO team’s metrics that are broken down by specialist makes it one of our go-to tools as we go about our work days. Spotting good and bad website metrics at a glance is vital to a specialist and a manager in this role.

I don’t believe there is another platform that can dissect between team members at a glance and is equally valuable to the team manager and the specialists who strategize the client accounts.
Mike Tortorice, SEO and Digital Marketing Manager