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WebCEO Affiliate Program
Go far beyond a classical SEO software affiliate program

  • Earn $81 from ANY purchase starting from 99 usd
  • Show direct links on your site, without a partner ID
  • Enjoy accurate tracking and state-of-the-art reporting


  • Earn $81 for every purchase

    The commission for every WebCEO subscription (starting from 99 usd) is a flat rate of $81. You don’t have to sell the most expensive service plan to get the best revenue.

  • Direct Links

    Our extensive visitor tracking experience has helped us to introduce a new feature – Direct Links. Yes, we can track your referrals without affiliate IDs. Direct links look natural both to your website visitors and to search engines. Simply add site(s) in your affiliate interface, verify ownership and publish direct links on those site(s). We assure you that we'll track all visits and credit commissions for sales generated from your websites.

  • Accurate Tracking and Reporting

    In our affiliate interface we will keep you updated on the effectiveness of the performance of your site(s), including clicks, registrations, sales, earnings, etc. in real time.

    In the WebCEO Affiliate Program, visitor cookies with your affiliate info are set to expire in 12 (twelve) months after the first visit. Therefore you can rest assured that you will get your commissions even if visitors buy any WebCEO subscription within 365 days after their first visit.

How the Highest Paying Affiliate Program Works

  • Step 1

    Sign up for an affiliate account, register in the WebCEO Affiliate Program and get access to the creatives - banners.

  • Step 2

    Publish a graphic or text link to our site Use either a direct link or one of the banners with your affiliate ID. You can find both on the ‘Creatives’ page of your affiliate interface.

  • Step 3

    Refer a user from your site(s). When a user registers an account and buys a WebCEO cloud-based software subscription, you will get immediately credited with $81 - your affiliate commission.

  • Step 4

    Expect a 30-day commission retention due to the 30-day money back guarantee that we provide to our customers. From the 1st through the 14th day of every month get paid the commissions that were earned in the month before the last. The minimum payout amount is $100.

Lana Bugrimenko
If you have questions or you want to discuss affiliate partnership opportunities,
please contact Lana Bugrimenko


Affiliate Accessory

WebCEO provides affiliates with the creatives (graphic or text ads). Publishing of WebCEO's creatives is entirely at the discretion of WebCEO's affiliates. We encourage affiliates to modify our pre-designed creatives or design their own ads to provide a positive marketing effect on their visitors or newsletter subscribers. However, we strongly restrict advertising with PPC services such as Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising.

Affiliate Tracking

You can use direct links that include no tracking parameters and are good for website ads (in this case you should verify ownership of the website on which you want to publish our banner or text ad) or you can use links with your affiliate ID (these are good for email ad tracking). You can get both types of links on the ‘Creatives’ page of your affiliate interface.


WebCEO shall pay the affiliate commissions from the 1st through the 14th day of every month if the amount of credited commissions exceeds $100.00. All payments up to $10,000 shall be made via PayPal. A payment over $10,000.00 shall be made by wire transfer. WebCEO provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to its users, thus the payment of affiliate commissions is shifted an extra month forth (for example, the commissions you were credited in January shall be paid in early March).

Refund policy

When issuing a refund of a WebCEO's order to a customer, WebCEO shall deduct the credited commission pertaining to the refunded amount from affiliate's earnings before the credited commission is paid. This shall be effective even if the order amount is charged back by our payment processor after the 30-day money-back guarantee period.

Affiliate statistics

Upon registration, WebCEO provides affiliates with access to web-based statistics on clicks, registrations, orders and refunds of the WebCEO products that have been made by their referrals.

White-Label SEO Platform Partners

If you have many customers to whom you want to provide SEO services, content management, hosting or web design services on a regular basis, you may find our White Label SEO tools more tightly fitting your business needs. Visit the White Label SEO Tools page to get more information on this program.