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Google Data Studio Connector Powered by WebCEO

Google Data Studio Connector Powered by WebCEO

Add data from the WebCEO Rank Tracking tool into your Google Data Studio reports. Create great custom dashboards. Enjoy the insights.

if you don’t have an account yet

What You Need to Start Using It

1 Get a WebCEO account. In order to use this connector, you will need the WebCEO Agency Unlimited package.

2 Open the WebCEO Connector and authorize with your Google account.

3 Copy your WebCEO API key and enter it to connect Data Studio to your WebCEO account.

WebCEO API Key WebCEO Rank Tracker API Key

4 Select a project and enter the number of scans you want to pull data for. Choose if you want to include competitor rankings and click 'Connect'.

WebCEO Rank Tracker Connector Parameters

5 Click ‘Create report’ and you’ll be redirected to the Data Studio report builder.

Create Data Studio Report Data Studio Report Builder

You Can Retrieve the Following Data from WebCEO:

  • Date
  • Domain
  • Keyword
  • Search type
  • Global monthly searches
  • Local searches
  • Position (search engine / location / language)
  • URL
  • Include competitor rankings

Blend Data from Different Sources

Google Data Studio allows you to pull data from multiple sources and mix them all in one report to see the big picture.

Create Interactive Dashboards and Beautiful Reports for Your Clients

You can easily share interactive Data Studio dashboards with your team or your clients, and update the data in real time.

Google Data Studio Dashboards

Google Data Studio Connector Powered by WebCEO

Use the WebCEO Rank Tracking connector to create your SEO dashboards
Add WebCEO Data to Your Reports