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White Label SEO Reports For Agencies


Brand Your SEO Reports

  • Professional SEO Report Branding
  • Mix & Match Report Builder
  • Automated Report Mailing
  • Unlimited Number of Reports
  • No Extra Fees

Who’ll Benefit from WebCEO’s
White Label SEO Reporting Tool:

Independent SEOers

who provide SEO services and want to impress their clients with professional-looking, fully branded SEO reports.

In-House Marketing Teams

who collaborate in a team on their own projects and want to share branded SEO reports with their boss and colleagues.

Digital Marketing Agencies

who look for an SEO client reporting tool to manage hundreds of client sites and automate their SEO routines.

Get the Most Out of WebCEO's
White Label SEO Reporting Tool:

Brand your SEO reports from top to bottom

Every time your client receives an SEO report from your company, you will want to sound credible and trustworthy in order to continue doing business together long-term. Some SEO tools will allow you to embed your logo in the report and leave a mention of their brand in the footer.

With white label SEO reports powered by WebCEO, you’ll brand your reports from top to bottom: add your company name, logo, apply your corporate colors and customize your header and footer.
No WebCEO mentions. Ever.

WebCEO branded SEO reports

Build custom all-in-one SEO reports

Use a handy drag-and-drop report builder inside WebCEO to mix and match the most important SEO reports individually for each client.

Combine them in a beautifully designed consolidated report, preview a cover letter template and send the report to your client or set it to be emailed on a schedule.

The reports can include all vital website performance stats, such as a white label competitor analysis report, search engine rankings, SEO analysis, backlink reports, traffic analysis, on-page issues, and more.

Report Selection for a Consolidated PDF Report

Deliver branded SEO reports in 24 languages

Thanks to the wiki-style Crowd Translation Tool, WebCEO’s interface and reports have been translated by WebCEO users into 24 popular languages:

Japanese, Turkish, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Polish, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Finnish, Danish, Hungarian, German, Greek, Romanian, Swedish, and Ukrainian.

You can use or easily modify the current translation of WebCEO to your targeted language. Or you can add a new language and translate each tool and report, one by one, in a very convenient way

Choose a Name and a Language of Your PDF Report

Automate Report Mailing with Ease

  • No need to prepare and send SEO reports to each client manually.
  • With WebCEO’s SEO reporting tool designed specifically for SEO agencies, you can schedule your reports to be emailed to one or multiple addressees weekly, monthly or on a specific date.
  • To save time and add a professional look and feel, create a customized cover letter for each set of reports. Be professional at every step of your SEO routine.
WebCEO screenshot SEO workflow automation
Get Full Data on Your Website Performance in PDF

Try the Industry-Standard White Label SEO Tools

Curious to see what a private label SEO audit report for clients looks like? Audit any website now and get a free branded SEO report after signing up for a FREE trial.

Open More Possibilities with the White Label Domain Feature

If you provide independent SEO services and work on your customers’ websites as a freelancer or an agency, you can host white label reports on your own domain for $20/mo total for as many projects as you wish. The service will look like it’s your own platform, making you or your company more unique and proficient in the eyes of customers.

Your clients will be able to log on to your own SEO service, find any report they're interested in and examine it.

You can grant clients read-only access if you don’t want them to make any scans or change any settings.

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WebCEO Interface Dashboard
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