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Seo Lead Generation Tools

WebCEO SEO lead generation reports

Direct Marketing, Cold Calling, Social Media, Content Marketing, PPC may become real time sinks and budget eaters when it comes to your traffic conversion.

Instead of throwing thousands of $$$ on attracting non-targeted SEO leads from organic, referral or paid traffic, you can now start generating more high quality SEO clients from your SEO platform.

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Pitch Your SEO Services with Express SEO Audits

WebCEO Site Audit Report

So you have already found an SEO prospect and you are talking to him or her, persuading them to order your SEO service on the spot.

Just run an Express SEO Audit for them while you are talking; the report will be ready in a couple of minutes. Instead of adding a new site to the projects and running multiple SEO tools for it, you'll get an all-in-one SEO audit report which includes data from several WebCEO tools: the SEO Analysis tool, Technical Auditor, Rank Tracker, Backlink Checker and Traffic Analysis module.

Your SEO prospects will WANT to order your services after seeing this SEO report that discusses (without revealing more detail than you want them to have at this point) all the SEO issues that keep their site from high rankings.

You can run 5 express audits per day (plans from $99/mo) or get unlimited audits with the Agency Unlimited Plan ($0.49 per lead after 5 free per day).

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Collect SEO Leads from Your Site While You Sleep

It is really hard to get noticed by your targeted audience and acquire new customers by means of cold calls, direct messages by email or social media, exhaustive SEO bidding on freelance marketplaces, etc. These techniques often bring vanishing leads instead of qualified SEO clients.

If you offer SEO services, adding a branded "Free SEO report" button to your website will be a godsend for you. Once you place a fully customized Lead Generation "SEO audit" Widget button on your site, your site visitors will start clicking the button and provide you with their website URL and email address, in exchange for a free all-in-one SEO audit report.

They will get a report and you'll get qualified leads that are interested in SEO and are ready to discuss SEO issues (and how you'll help them fix everything).

You can run 5 express audits per day (plans from $99/mo) or get unlimited audits with the Agency Unlimited Plan ($0.49 per lead after 5 free per day).

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WebCEO screenshot SEO lead generation widget

What Benefits You Get with Our SEO Lead Generation Tools

  • Low Cost Per Lead

    Using an Express SEO Audit or Lead Generation Widget button provided by WebCEO, you can reduce the cost per lead up to $$0.49. That is considered a super low priced lead in the SEO industry. You can control the number and the cost of your leads per day with the help of the Agency Unlimited Plan calculator.

  • Non-Spamming Lead Generation Techniques

    Compared to the other techniques used by old school marketers and snake oil salesmen, which are often spammy, our legal and working lead generation solutions let you provide only your most qualified leads with valuable information they themselves asked for about their website performance delivered in the form of easy-to-read SEO reports.

  • High Conversion Rate

    The SEO leads generated with the help of our lead generation tools are already pre-qualified and have a higher chance of converting into paying customers. The all-in-one express SEO report that you provide your visitors or prospects with is the solution they are looking for, hence the high conversion rates as a consistent pattern.

  • Automated SEO Lead Generation

    The WebCEO lead generation tools save a lot of your time. You can add a potential client's website manually and get an automated PDF report emailed to the client while you are talking to her. Also you can add a "Free SEO Audit" Widget button on your website and get your leads automatically.

  • Lead Generation API Integration

    Now you can capture, manage and convert SEO leads right from your business platform via our lead generation API. The API enables you to access and manage lead information details from your own CMS platform or other third party app. You can also create a custom page on your site with your desired design, a form and a customized button for your visitors to order free SEO audit reports.

Allen MacCannell
Contact Allen MacCannell, VP Sales & Partnerships, at

Who Can Use Our SEO Lead Generation Tools?

  • SEO Freelancers:

    Stop paying to the third-party freelance websites when looking for new SEO projects.

    Start squeezing SEO leads from your own organic traffic and convert them into paying customers.

  • Hosting & Domain Service Providers

    Build new relationships and start offering SEO services.

    Turn your clients (yes, website owners!) into SEO leads by offering them free SEO audits generated automatically.

  • SEO & Marketing Agencies

    Automate SEO lead generation and fine-tune it according to your budget.

    Manage your SEO workflow efficiently by configuring user roles within your own WebCEO account and let your dedicated agents work with each SEO lead efficiently.

  • Web Design Firms

    Position your Web Design agency as a full-cycle website development company providing SEO services as a part of your turn-key package or a competitive bonus.

    Monetize your visitor traffic into additional income flow.

And Generate SEO Leads That Want Your Services