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Optimize Your Website for Its Own Strengths

  • Learn a proven list of steps and SEO strategies to optimize your website on your own; increase your rankings and SERP positions

  • Start full-scale work on your website without delay as WebCEO gives not only instructions but also provides all the necessary tools for their realization

  • Get more traffic and properly monitor your website performance in the future at an expert level

Use WebCEO DIY SEO Checklists available in all the plans within the platform

Free 14-day trial. No credit card required
WebCEO SEO Checklists: proven SEO tips and strategies

What Types of Checklists Does WebCEO Provide?

Keyword Research Checklist

Using the WebCEO Keyword Research Checklist, you will master the following essential SEO procedures and more:

  • Build and refine a list of keywords, relevant to your business and content, which you can use in the future to attract more viewers and increase conversions;
  • Extend an existing list of keywords you were using before you found WebCEO;
  • Identify who your real competitors are and use their keyword strengths for your success;
  • Discover how to fine-tune your pages for local search so you can become a part of the Local 3 Pack;
  • Examine and work with the most important keyword metrics that show how valuable given keywords are.

Link Building Checklist

The WebCEO Link Building Checklist will open up new ways to increase your popularity and recognition using proven and efficient strategies:

  • How to build links using the sources and connections you have already established, i.e. customers with their own websites, day-by-day blogging environment, companies you have once cooperated with, etc.;
  • How to build links using social media;
  • How to build links using your talents that can bring benefits to others.

Search Engine Opitimization Checklist

The WebCEO Search Engine Optimization Checklist will show you how to make your website appropriate for SERPs and correspond to all relevant SEO ranking factors. You will learn how to:

  • Work with domains;
  • Ensure the security of your website thus ensuring the security and trust of your customers and their personal data;
  • Optimize meta-tags which are crucially important;
  • More specifically, how to optimize elements that attract readers on the SERPs and are analyzed by SEs. You should do this before building titles, meta descriptions, headings, URLs, alt tags, internal links, and so on;
  • Manage webmaster tools like Google Search Console;
  • Optimize your website for local search;
  • Analyze the performance of your competitors;
  • Eliminate signs of Black-Hat SEO.

Content Submission Checklist

Promote your freshly optimized content by submiting website pages to search engines and directories, press-releases to the most popular press release distribution services, photos and videos to media sharing websites, etc. Get your website listed in the increasingly important local directories in order to be found for local queries.

Blogging Checklist

A blog on your website will be one of the biggest sources of free traffic because interesting content, sprinkled with keywords, is always in demand. With our blogging checklist, you will know how to create a blog, find ideas for new blog posts and properly manage everything.

Apart from creating a space for your content, you will also learn how to promote your material on other platforms, collect statistics regarding visits, and look for new ideas that can bring you even more traffic.

This checklist will provide you with valuable advice about microblogging so you can use social media to increase your Internet authority and recognition.

Social Media Checklist

Social media platforms are one of the most important means of gaining popularity and recognition, even if Google says it doesn’t factor in your success in this field. That’s why we’ve created a checklist that will help your website get seen everywhere, not only on Google SERPs.

With this checklist you will be able to:

  • Build connections and get your first shots of popularity on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest;
  • Take part in community discussions;
  • Do social bookmarking for your pages;
  • Do social news and media sharing properly.

Paid Advertising Checklist

Paid promotion is now an integral part of running a business on the Internet. The most important advantage of this is that your website will be shown directly in front of your target audience only; thus traffic and conversions will be higher.

With the WebCEO Paid Advertising Checklist you will:

  • Get basic instructions on PPC advertising;
  • Master on-site and on-networking advertising;
  • Start mobile and email advertising;
  • Learn about affiliate marketing;
  • Dive into the basics of advertising on various social media platforms.

Why WebCEO's DIY SEO Checklists Are Unique

  • Customizable for any business

    Whether it is a travel agency, a household appliance store, fashion, gaming, sports, or a law firm, you can freely use our checklists and optimize your website(s) for the top positions. Pick only the tasks that apply to your business and follow the chosen roadmap.

  • Comprehensive Roadmap

    Get a plan of action to safeguard all the aspects of your website performance. You will strengthen your technical performance, improve your SEO, work tightly on your content, learn profitable ways of promotion on different platforms and so on.

  • Сlear and Applicable Task List

    We’ve built a reliable theory-to-practice bridge. With the help of the DIY SEO Checklist Widget - available in the form of a detailed guide in the WebCEO Help Center and a concise list of actions in the Dashboard - you will see all the steps you’ll need to perform in a habit forming to-do list. Your workflow will be significantly more effective if you always see a list of things left to do, complete with instructions.

  • Time Management

    If you work on websites yourself, you probably won’t be depending much on someone else’s work routine. You will already know what you have to do and will work at the most comfortable pace.

  • Full Pack of Tools

    You will not only read about what you have to optimize; you will have all instruments needed for completing any of your goals in terms of search engine optimization. WebCEO’s set of tools is made to help users carry out any basic and advanced SEO missions.

  • Goal Completion Rate

    Get motivated for further achievements in overall optimization by having a progress metric. With the percent rate of how much you’ve done and how much is left to complete, you will see your progress more clearly.

Get Some Bonuses to Make Your SEO More Efficient

WebCEO, Help Center

All the WebCEO Checklists are available in the Help Center, which is accessible after signing up to the platform.

There you will be able to read and use helpful SEO guides on different aspects of website performance. They are updated every year according to new developments in SEO.

If you like the WebCEO platform but can’t spend much time learning everything about it, you can watch video tutorials or schedule a demo with one of our experts.

Start Promoting Your Business Online Right Away!