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Internal Link Building Tool

Make your internal site links Hummingbird-friendly. Do SEO copywriting with links in mind, streamline your internal link flow and gain search engine approval.

The Internal Link Analysis tool is a part of WebCEO, a 23-tool SEO platform available online. Use this tool to make your internal links Hummingbird-friendly, do SEO copywriting wisely, streamline your internal link flow effectively and gain search engine approval.

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What You Get with the WebCEO Internal Link Analysis Tool

In-Depth Link Text Analysis

Make your link texts SEO-friendly.

Go to the Link Text Analysis report of WebCEO’s internal backlink checker to see what anchor texts are used in internal links across your site.

Review all anchor texts to make your internal links diversified and relevant to the target pages.

In-Depth Link Text Analysis

Page Authority Analysis

To understand if a page in question gains enough link flow, go to the Page Authority Analysis tab of WebCEO’s internal link structure tool.

Here you’ll see the most important metrics at a glance: Page Authority, average position on Google, the number of inbound/outbound links, and page status (OK, Noindex or Nofollow).

Optimize your internal link structure to give more authority to the pages that convert the most visitors into customers.

Page Authority Analysis

Landing Page Analysis

To dive even deeper, use WebCEO’s site link checker to analyze each landing page of your site in regard to internal link building.

See how much link juice each page is passing and receiving, analyze anchor texts, and learn how authoritative each landing page is in the eyes of the search engines.

Consider rewriting anchor texts of donor pages to make them more relevant to the target pages.

Landing Page Analysis

Are You Ready for an In-Depth Internal Link Analysis?

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SEO Copywriting with Links in Mind

Get your SEO copywriting job done efficiently, thanks to the pro-level internal link structure tool.

When creating new content, interlink pages intelligently and cater more link juice to the more important pages, with proper link texts.

Avoid link text spamming, because you want your links to be diverse and Hummingbird-friendly. Rerun the Link Text Analysis report each time you've added a new page and make changes if necessary.

SEO Copywriting with Links in Mind

Ideal Site Link Structure

Thanks to WebCEO’s on page link structure tool (Landing Page Analysis tab), you can now check the link flow to and from every page in question:

  • analyze all inbound internal links (and their texts) pointing to a target page, and fine-tune them if needed;
  • reduce excessive outbound links or turn them into nofollow links;
  • discover the pages of your site not yet linking to the “important” pages.
Ideal Site Link Structure

Removing Wasteful Links

Use the "Outbound links" tab of the Landing Page Analysis report to see which pages of your site are wasting link juice.

If you link to the legal docs of your site - that's ok. However, you should take action if you link to some blocked pages: these can be pages listed in the Robots.txt file or pages that contain a Noindex tag.

Removing Wasteful Links

Opportunities for Internal Link Building

Use the "Pages not linking" tab of the Landing Page Analysis report to review each landing page, one by one, and see which relevant pages are still not linking to it.

Take the opportunity to give more link juice to each page you want to rank well.

Opportunities for Internal Link Building

Are You an In-House SEO Team or a Digital Agency?

The WebCEO SEO Platform allows you to create a professional workspace for SEO teams and digital marketing agencies, assign SEO tasks and automatically send professional-looking SEO reports to your clients or team members.

Add unlimited users and collaborate with your team on SEO projects via the User Manager, where you can assign projects and access limits.

Track unlimited sites. With WebCEO’s Agency Unlimited plan, you can optimize hundreds of client sites for higher rankings.

Track unlimited keywords. Add hundreds of thousands of keywords to track rankings for your client sites across multiple search engines and search engine locations.

Schedule keyword rank checks on a regular basis. With WebCEO’s Agency Unlimited plan, you can monitor keyword rankings monthly, weekly or daily and deliver them to your clients’ inboxes automatically.

How WebCEO Helps SEO Professionals Do Their Job Better:

Doug Everitt, WebCEO client
I have been providing SEO services to clients since 2000. During this time, I’ve used a number of different tools. I moved to the WebCEO platform some years ago because it offers a number of very important additional features and tools which are essential for optimizing any website.

One of the key requirements for anybody undertaking SEO is to provide transparent and measurable results to clients and colleagues. WebCEO provides a comprehensive range of reporting tools which greatly enhance this process and as an agency we can customise and brand these reports as required.
Doug Everitt, Managing Director at WIDE i Communication

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Optimize Your Internal Link Structure for Higher Rankings!

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