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All Social Media Analytics Tools in One Place

Social Media Marketing is now honey in your marketing pot. Most of your prospects hang out there, so be sure to present your brand across all popular social media channels and track your performance as well as your audience engagement. Thanks to WebCEO's Social Media Analytics tools, you'll easily track your social mentions, analyze your social media traffic and see how well your content works for you on Facebook.

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Social Analytics Tool

What You Get with the WebCEO Social Analytics Tools

Industry Trends:

Set the WebCEO Web Buzz Monitoring tool to search for keywords describing your industry. You will always be notified what topics are hot now.

Reputation Management:

Enter your company name and the brand names you want to track and use the tool as a reputation management tool. You can participate in highly relevant conversations and post a link to your site where applicable.

Social Media Engagement:

Track social activity that links back to your landing pages from Facebook and Pinterest to know how you should fine-tune your social media marketing.

Competitor Social Media Popularity:

Add competitors' websites to track their social media popularity. The tactics they use may help you fine-tune your own social media marketing strategy.

Social Traffic:

Analyze your social activity effectiveness and learn how many targeted visitors your social media marketing brings.


See how your social media activities results change over time with the help of beautiful and descriptive widgets.

Facebook Insights:

Get more insights for your Facebook marketing strategy with the Page Metrics and Demographics Metrics reports. Discover hot topics and learn from your competitors with the Niche Popular Posts report.